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Arctic Training - Extreme Team Building

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This course is almost the ultimate in team building and leadership training and improvement (the ultimate being Ice-Warrior Resolute Team Work, based in the Canadian High Arctic). It is an extraordinary opportunity to sample the training regime Ice-Warriors go through before they are selected to take part in an Ice-Warrior Expedition. arctic The full version of this course is the first time aspirant Ice-Warriors are subjected to cold weather and backcountry skiing, having undergone 10 months of technical training in the UK. Here the emphasis is placed on creating, testing and improving team performance given the naturally harsh environment of a Norwegian winter. The essence of the course is about existing in an inhospitable environment that demands critical team work and crisp, efficient management for comfort, enjoyment and more importantly safety! The elements – technical knowledge input, cold winter environment, provide the pressure, stresses and tasks that really test whether you’ve got it right as a team.

arctic The course will involve:

  • Planning and logistics
  • Navigation – GPS, topography, route finding, planning
  • Skiing – cross country, with and without loads
  • Winter camp craft – discovering comfort in the cold
  • Survival shelters – in situ lecture on Arctic Survival, practice
  • Search and rescue – finding your friends
  • Emergency scenarios – first aid, cold injuries, hypothermia, critical crisis management
Course Staff

Polar explorer and Ice-Warrior founder, Jim McNeill will direct the course with the help of other members of the Ice-Warrior Club (these are people who have successfully completed an IW expedition).

What will your team get out of such a course?

  • To get to know each others strengths and weaknesses
  • To confront any problems which may exist within the team
  • To learn about themselves, individually and each other as a team
  • To honestly analyse existing performance and create a strategy for improvement
  • To appreciate the importance of good and timely communications
  • To appreciate each others roles within the team and experience the role of leader
  • To agree good and bad characteristics for team work and leadership
  • A taste of the training required to be safe in polar environments
teambuilding in snow

Minimum 6
Maximum 12 (per team, more teams can be accommodated)

Best Times
November to March

Prices available upon request..

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