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Facilitation - Events & Conferences

Prices start from a few pounds per head

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Facilitation From hours to days, from one-off events and meeting to development programmes lasting many months.

"We discovered £21.7million worth of added value (and savings) in our team for the business during our session with you (Leap)." - facilitated session during a Merger situation in 2008.

Leap has a team of skilled, experienced and professional facilitators led by PJ Stevens who can deliver a range of facilitated services to include;

  • The facilitation meetings
  • Facilitating 1-1 and 1-few crucial conversations
  • Facilitating teambuilding activities and events, provided by us or your other suppliers
  • Facilitating conferences, conference activities, ice-breakers and break out sessions
  • The facilitation of team building and leadership workshops
  • Facilitating the creation of company Mission Statements
  • Facilitating Board planning sessions
  • The facilitation of senior and fast track management development programmes
  • Facilitated sailing events
  • On-line people development programmes
  • Staff engagement programmes
  • The facilitation of Myers Briggs MBTI, Personality Profiles, 360 degree feedback, Belbin and Strength Deployment Inventory sessions (SDI)

So where you want us to facilitate a meeting, a team building activity or a difficult conversation, or whether you require a more in-depth facilitated development programme to increase staff engagement or roll out a leadership programme, please do contact us!

Client comments and Feedback include;

  • 94% of staff rated the Facilitator as Excellent
  • "The best facilitator we have ever had"
  • Staff Engagement has doubled
  • Customer satisfaction has risen from 79-92%
  • Highly motivating, engaging and useful
  • Everyone should take this course

Our facilitators cost from a few hundred pounds per day to several thousand pounds subject to your needs, the group and ROI you require from the event or programme.

One client described PJ as ‘cheap’ after a programme, whilst another client rated his value at ‘ten times the day rate charged’. Let’s face it, you deserve good value from your facilitators and your investment in your people and business.

LEAP can provide a professional facilitation service to help you, your people and your business in many ways including running important meetings, helping people deal with a change in management, team problem solving, conflict resolution and goal achievement.

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What is Facilitation?

‘Increasing quality of communication between people, thoughts and feelings, leading to greater understanding, commitment and action by pooling ways of behaving to achieve common goals’

To us, facilitation means getting a group of people to agree on a common goal and all behaving in a way that supports it. Achieving that is not always easy and we have a number of ways in which we approach the task of facilitation.

What does facilitation mean to you?

We have helped or clients achieve results in the following areas:

  • Enabling people to effectively deal with a change in management.
  • Enabling people to move towards a common goal.
  • Enabling groups to be creative
  • Enabling people and businesses to realise their potential
  • Greasing the wheels of team activity and ideas
  • Asking the one question that makes the difference
  • Delivering successful meetings
  • Enabling a group of people to take action on agreed and understood roles and goals
  • To Release creativity and share knowledge effectively
  • Remove obstacles that stop people performing
  • Group dynamics – consensus building, creating high performing teams.
  • Making things happen with lasting change, belief and behaviours.
Work effectively together in
  • meetings
  • teamwork
  • problem solving
Facilitation resources and information
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