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Lotus Driving Experience

Combined with Outstanding Teamwork training

Prices available on request!

The Lotus experience is available as a half-day or full-day teambuilding or corporate hospitality event.

Held at the Lotus Factory near Norwich, utilising the 2.2 mile Lotus Test track, hospitality facilities and with the option of a factory tour including the Elise Production line. This truly is a UNIQUE hospitality and team building experience designed to give great value for money and long lasting positive memories. We have combined the motor racing history and exciting participatory experience of the Lotus facility with a modern and ultra effective team building program prepared by LEAP for forward thinking businesses, using modern techniques and motivational style of delivery to give your team a valuable day that will matter.

Your team will;

  • Experience a unique program designed to give you a quality day filled with added value.
  • Spend 2.5 hours enjoying the creative, challenging and inspirational program
  • for Outstanding Teams in the track side Hospitality suite with real personal and business benefits. Drawing on a motor racing theme and business analogies.
  • Enjoy the benefits of professional facilitation and hosting by a very experienced trainer and performance coach.
  • Receive a 45-minute tour of the factory and Elise Production line.
  • Simple lunch and catering to suit the day.
  • Have 4 hours of track time including 2 x 20-minute track sessions per person plus 2 demonstration laps given by a worldclass Lotus Driving Instructor.
  • Debrief and feedback from the day.
  • Prize giving and presentation pack (per person) which includes Lotus Certificate and Lotus Sport polo shirt.
The event includes the following:
  • Professional trainer & facilitator
  • Business related ‘outstanding teamwork’ session
  • Lotus Driving Experience
  • Lotus cars
  • World Class driving instruction
  • Lotus Insurance
  • Training room
  • Basic catering

The valuable Outstanding Teamwork session has been run for many well known companies including Boehringer Ingleheim, GlaxoSmithKline, the Prudential, Government Departments and many financial and banking Institutions.

The results vary subject to the level of the group and desired outcome from the participating company. In short, this session can be run purely for creative and memorable fun, outlining the hallmarks of outstanding teams and providing a motivational session. Alternatively you can choose to participate on a greater level with the help of an experienced facilitator to gain business insights, create goals, strategies and mission statements in keeping with the top teams in the world. Participating clients have enjoyed such benefits as -

  • Ten times ROI through change of attitude and greater understanding in the business
  • Rewrite company ‘communication strategy’ to provide goal alignment within teams
  • Created company mission statement in line with European growth program
  • Great fun event, improved motivation, team spirit and understanding
  • Created higher team skills and appreciation that different people are required to create top team.

Participating clients will understand the values of teamwork, the hallmarks and how they can take their teamwork to another level. Having worked together to create their own ‘hallmarks for success’ the team will have their own vision and responsibility to make ‘it’ happen. Given the opportunity, we can work the team over a period of time to ensure the individuals, team and company benefit significantly!

When combined with the passionate and exciting motor racing heritage and driving experience offered by Lotus, the overall experience will be truly unique. Children learn fast when they play and have fun, and their learning experiences last longer because more of their senses are active during the process. We guarantee that your senses will be heightened during this day program, therefore your business learning experience will last longer giving ongoing personal and financial benefits.

Lotus Driving Instructors will coach and demonstrate how to enjoy driving a Lotus Elise around their test track within the factory grounds in a safe and effective manner. You can enjoy the laps of the track whether you choose to improve your driving skills, have racing aspirations or simply cruise around enjoying the charismatic company of the Instructors. Those guests not on the track can view the action from both indoor and outdoor viewing galleries in the hospitality suite. Racing teams are some of the very best teams in the world and offer us certain guides and insights into outstanding teamwork. Lotus were in F1, and have much race history and atmosphere surrounding them to this day. Indeed the Engineering division at Lotus work on many of the road cars that you see and use today using experience from their race pedigree.

Lotus Driving Experience team building and corporate hospitality events are offered as half-day or full-day team building or corporate hospitality events, and can be combined with outstanding teamwork training. Prices available on request..

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