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Management Training

Prices start a few hundred pounds per session

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Management Training Events

  • Develop company business plans and missions
  • Change management programmes
  • Better Place to Work & Staff Engagement
  • Graduate development
  • Profiles, psychometrics, development tools and evaluation
  • Assessment centres
  • Presentation skills workshops
  • Train the trainer

Why invest in management training, people development and business improvement programmes?
  • 25% of a managers time is wasted to unwarranted conflict
  • 60% of business performance issues are down to poor interpersonal skills
  • 68% of senior managers admit that middle management colleagues are not been adequately trained for their current position.
  • Underperforming middle managers estimated to be cutting the productivity of British business to the tune of £220 billion per year

It’s people that drive a business forwards in good times and bad. It’s people that make the difference, that drive change, performance and productivity.

If you want to save time and money, one of the sure fire ways to get results is to look at your people, their relationships, motivation, engagement and well being. Work with your people, invest in management training and they will invest in the business.

Here are a few examples where we work for clients and deliver quantifiable results;

Develop company business plans and missions

Very few businesses have a business plan, even fewer it would seem know what it is or can remember it, and even less have shared the main aims of it with staff. At a recent meeting an Accountant told me that he estimates only 6% of businesses have a plan and know what it is.

By developing a workable business plan and creating and sharing the Vision & Mission of the business, you will greatly increase the chances of success by driving up understanding and trust in the staff, increasing leadership of self and others, improving engagement and ultimately increasing performance and productivity.

Change management programmes
Management Training

Life changes. We change. Business is change. The degree to which your people can manage change, engagement with it, own it and drive it, is almost certainly one of the key factors in business success today. Speed of response is now considered one of the key hallmarks in an outstanding team of people.

Engaged, motivated and trained staff who feel good about themselves are 42% more likely to be able to cope with and make the most of change.

Change management programmes can include sessions on handling conflict and disagreement, influencing skills, staff engagement, improving communication skills, creative problem solving, team work, leadership and sharing the company vision so people are engaged with the ‘why’ and the bigger picture.

Whatever it is that’s changing, or needs changing, we can help you and people to manage it more efficiently, saving you time and money, and improving performance.

Better Place to Work & Staff Engagement

Creating a better place to work is not just about winning awards, it’s about creating a culture of well being, motivation, trust, sustainability, performance and leadership. It’s one thing to talk about a better place to wok, but it takes courage, leadership and passion to live it.

We have considerable experience helping clients create a better place to work, and can offer motivational tools, fun games, positive interventions and ways to monitor and develop the feedback internally through your own process and HR team, online to keep costs down and through us when you want the extra support.

Graduate Development
Graduate Training

We deliver a number of graduate programmes from induction programmes, team building, influencing skills, relationship management, presentation skills and networking workshops. Graduates are often highly skilled technically and under resourced in managing relationships, communication and teamwork which is where we provide the support, training and development to help them fit in to the business efficiently so they can be of service, adding to your business, not simply taking from it.

Profiles, psychometrics, development tools and evaluation

There’s loads of fantastic tools out there to monitor, measure, evaluate and develop people, performance and productivity; DISC, MBTI Myers Briggs, Belbin, 16PF, Insights, SDI Strength Deployment Inventory and so on. All these tools are very serviceable. What matters is how effectively they are positioned, delivered and facilitated so that you, your people and your clients benefit from your investment. Please call us to discuss your business and people development needs and we will do our best to listen and guide you through options and ideas

Assessment centres

Leap will provide assessment centres for you, run by our associates who are specifically qualified to do so. Assessing and selecting the right people, for the right role will save you and the business time and money. Selecting the wrong person, or the right person but with the wrong fit can be a huge and costly error. We can help you reduce the chance of error and greatly increase the success rate of finding the right person for the right role and who can deliver in the right way.

Once you have this person, we can also work with you to integrate them into the team and speed up the process by which they enter the business and become a valuable asset. Sometimes its your current team who will need help to allow this new person into their midst.

` Presentation skills workshops

Never underestimate the stress and strain some staff feel about delivering a presentation where it’s a weekly presentation on figures to a boss, an over view of projects to a small team or delivering a message to hundreds of people at a conference.

With presentation skills training you and your staff will enjoy increased confidence, credibility and impact. We have and do work with graduates, PAs, managers and directors in all areas of presentation skills training, from simple exercises around breathing and body language to coaching conference speakers.

The cost of blowing a presentation has far reaching personal, professional and business costs. We can help you to get right and enjoy the experience.

Train the Trainer

The ability of your managers and trainers to engage with staff, understand their learning styles, motivational value systems and so, has a huge impact on the success of the training session and the ability of the candidate to take action on the learning and training provided. Training must give ROI or else it is not sustainable.

Many clients spend a fortune on training which is poorly positioned and delivered and which gives little or no value to individuals, teams of clients.

With some simple train the trainer tips and coaching, we can help you deliver more effective programmes, in the right way for your staff so they feel good about the training and feel empowered to act upon it, effectively.

Leap can provide you with Management Training & Coaching from a few hundred pounds per session to programmes that might save you tens of thousands of pounds.

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