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Nasa Moon Project

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Individual Task ~ Decision making
The entire group will be presented with a bleak situation, their rocket has crash-landed on the Moon, and they need to trek over 350kms to get to the safety of the space station. After the crash they have salvaged various items, as individuals they need to rank these items in order of importance.

Individual Task ~ Group Negotiation
After achieving this task, the teams will convene to create a team strategy for survival. The most successful teams will be the ones, who have been able to effectively communicate, negotiate and share information.

This simple but powerful exercise was designed by NASA to show real astronauts the value of outstanding teamwork.

From this Paul Stevens, the facilitator, can begin to draw out the hallmarks of outstanding teams, one of these hallmarks is always effective communication. After an interactive discussion and feedback on this topic the next exercise will begin……

Team Task ~ Project management
The teams are given the task of building a prototype vehicle for transporting astronauts across the rough terrain of Mars, given limited time and not quite all the materials they need, the teams need to complete this tricky task.

The group will be divided into two smaller work groups. In the room there will be enough parts to build 2 complete surface rovers, but each team will have different parts and only some of the instructions, only by pooling all the resources will the entire group succeed. Success comes through clear and concise communication between the teams. Once all the surface rovers are complete the teams can race them.

Paul Stevens will direct the group at the end drawing together the important learning’s for the day.

Leap can offer NASA team building as a 1-3 hour stand-alone event or as part of a day's team building programme.

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