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NewsTitleCOMMUNITY PROJECTS - teambuilding and leadership with a difference
NewsCopyCommunity Projects In the past, a number of clients have wanted to do more than the standard or recognised team building activities and challenges – however good and effective they may be. Some clients want to give more, to step up and leave something of worth for others – by building a playground, laying a boardwalk, re-homing tigers, refurbishing community centres, clearing canals, creating an interactive walk in at a hospice or even digging wells in far off desert lands. These events take more organising than the ready made offerings and even the more bespoke events in the market place and often require significant commitment from the clients, before and during the event. By the very nature of the activities, they cannot simply be organised at venues at given times, but are often only available at certain times and locations. These community projects are not for every corporate client, nor do they meet all your needs – but in some circumstances they really are very worthwhile, not only for the participants but for the communities, charities and projects. Your team can use all their skills and resources to have fun, develop team and individual skills, create effective leadership in self and others, improve interpersonal skills and raise morale. Some companies take advantage of tax situations, public relations and marketing, good will, B2B and B2C opportunity. What will you do? Others simply enjoy the challenge for what it is, ensuring that their teams benefit from the experience. You can choose training, coaching and facilitation for your programme before, during and after the event. We can monitor teamwork, leadership, motivation, stress, problem solving, team appreciation and satisfaction, all of which will affect the bottom line of your company, positively. Whilst the actual event costs compare favourably with the normal costs associated with teambuilding, the preparation, time spent finding a suitable project and then organising it will incur additional costs and fees. This can be reduced by using your resources – people – to do much of the pre-work. In addition, you must give due consideration to insurance, health & safety issues and certain practicalities which we can advise you on. Make no mistake, you, your company and your team can make things happen very quickly in some situations that a community or charity might take months or years to achieve. In return your sense of worth, of achievement, of purpose and the longer term ‘memory’ of the event will increase accordingly. For example, last year 80 people from a pharma company spent nearly £7,000* and two days on site to create a 400m board walk for the national trust through protected sand dunes and nesting sites of national interest. This boardwalk has been featured on a television programme and took two days to build where as it would have taken the National Trust many months to complete it at great expense. Since then, thousands of feet have walked the path, saving the sand dunes, and affording people a safe trip through the rare grasses, wildlife and birds. Please do call us to discuss how a suitable project might benefit you, and your community. *£7,000 did not include hotel, transport, event management fees or facilitation.
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