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Winning Relationships

Innovative Training & Coaching for 21st Century Teams

Prices start at £495 per person for the programme

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A two-day team building workshop, with a variety of optional follow-up days, presented by PJ Stevens a motivational and compelling performance coach, who works for leading sports people as well as major blue chip organizations including Esso, O2 and The Prudential.

The basis for this 2-day training programme is on rewarding relationships and ‘strength deployment inventory’.

Organisations are not successful, it is the people who work there that are successful. It is people that drive the business forwards, slow it down, or even put in into reverse! Dig into any organizational problem and you are likely to find people. Conlict, stress, misunderstanding, poor communication skills, demotivation, resistance, low morale and low productivity all have their origins in people and relationship issues. The value of an organization can be measured by the expertise of its staff and their ability to work together.

Research indicates that a typical managers wastes 25% of his/her time to unwarranted conflict, leading directly to a loss in team performance and productivity. Some 60% of performance issues in a team can be attributed to poor interpersonal skills – or soft skills. Proving that soft skills development is no soft option in todays competitive world.

Your organization may be using state of the art information technology and yet managing its people on outdated principles of psychology, stifling energy and creativity, and in effect, wasting peoples motivation and resources – possibly, without even realising.

The session is a highly practical mix of brief presentations, experiential learning, change, and empowerment. It is skills focused and will leave the participants with real understanding, proven techniques and appreciation of rewarding relationships.

Being skilled in relationships is fundamental to business success and impacts directly on productivity, morale and bottom line.

Results you can expect
Individuals to be better motivated, more open to change, receptive to feedback and taking ownership for their issues.
Teams to have a stronger sense of identity, an improved self-belief and operating with greater trust, openness and collaboration.
Operations to be faster, more flexible, more reliable and cheaper.
The organisation to have reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, a happier more productive workforce and an improved bottom line.

What makes it so special?
It works – and the results are sustained
An integrated programme ensuring consistency of message, models and values.
The emphasis is not on ‘management information’ to be digested but rather on experiences that are transforming.
Works at all levels in the organisation – executive, management and operations.

Aligns with existing initiatives
There can be reduced costs on traditional training as Winning Relationships aligns with and can replace much of the training around
  • Performance management
  • Management development
  • Diversity
  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Customer service – internal & external
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • 360 feedback
  • Project management (People side of)
Where has it been used?
Siemens, Sony, PepsiCo Foods, Barclays, BAE Systems
UK, USA, South Africa, Russia, Mainland Europe

Module Choices
Where an integrated programme is not required, the workshops can be used as stand –alone events to meet specific needs in the organisation.
Rewarding Relationships is an ideal team-building event
Make It Happen will skill managers in diversity and influencing skills
Communication Mastery will provide managers with all the advanced interpersonal communication skills for getting the best from others
Cross Boundary will improve relationships and cooperation across functions
Team Leader workshops ensure your key people are good role models
Satisfaction @ Work surveys
Motivation @ Work surveys

This TWO-DAY workshop enables participants to:
  • Make the link between relationship skills and business success
  • Capitalize on the diversity of styles in the work place
  • Communicate effectively
  • Reduce stress and conflict at work
  • Build interpersonal skills
  • Create awareness of people’s styles and motivation
  • Understand people’s differences and build the team on those strengths
  • Improve key client relationships
  • Learn to influence with integrity
  • Look at successful leadership and management styles
Participants will receive three key publications:
  • A Rewarding Relationships work book
  • A Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) booklet
  • Profile and winning relationships workbook
  1. People are our/your working Environment
    Discover how vital relationship skills are to business success
    Cost of neglecting your people
    Create high performing environment
  2. Understand People
    Why people behave as they do
    Seven motivational styles
    Discover your own personal drivers
  3. Recognize Different styles
    What can you learn from body language, hobbies, pets and work place?
    Predict how others will behave
    Understand insecurity, self-doubt and de-motivation Listening
  4. Create Rapport
    Match the others style
    Behaviours that bring dramatic results
    Practical tips to get along with difficult people
  5. Handle Conflict
    Understand why people can be difficult Discover your behaviour pattern in conflict Recognize individual needs in conflict How to deal with the angry customer/team member The secrets of lasting agreement
  6. Manage your impression
    How does your style of working come across to others?
    Some practical ways to close the perception gap
    Actively manage your impression for better results
  7. Feedback not Bite back
    Practical things to do when there are conflict and perception gaps
    Feedback v criticism
    Feedback is an investment and gift
    Develop competency in giving and receiving feedback
  8. Influence with integrity
    Discover your current persuasion strategy
    Learn five key processes of influence
    Beware of fishing with vindaloo chicken
  9. Organizational Implications
    Communicate organisational change and get commitment
    Easy steps to improve motivation and job satisfaction
    Become a facilitative leader and empower your team
  10. Application
    Implications in your professional life
    Implications in your personal life
    Decide action agenda
Each participant will be asked and encouraged to ring the trainer/facilitator for a twenty-minute phone call during the following week.

‘The Quality of my LIFE is the quality of my COMMUNICATION skills’ - Tony Robbins.

ONE-DAY Follow-up (day 3) This session will pick on the previous two-day program and include-
  1. Hits And Hurdles
    What are your experiences?
    What worked and why?
    What did not work – how can you alter change?
    Share in the group – encourage participants to ‘coach’ each other
    Re-visit SDI work books
  2. Areas for Development
    What areas have you tried to develop?
    What areas of work need development (people and practices)
  3. Find Practical solutions
    Use skilled learned to problem solve effectively
    Understand need and value of commitment
  4. SMART goals, roles and responsibilities
    Achieve workable outcomes that make a difference
    Enjoy motivation, involvement and responsibility
    Monitor results and keep on track 97%
    Who will you need to help you and the organisation succeed?
  5. Prioritise
    Put first things first
    Understand the difference between ‘important and urgent’
    Action plans
  6. Why will you do this
    Knowledge, Skill and Attitude – Dr Stephen Covey
    Be proactive
  7. Celebrate!
“The ability to work with people is as purchasable a commodity as coffee or sugar, but I'll pay more for it than any other ability under the sun.” John D. Rockerfeller

ONE-DAY Coaching

For person-specific needs, individual coaching is available. PJ Stevens will visit your offices or utilize a suitable venue, and during the visit, each of the participants will have 30-40 minutes 1:1 coaching with him on matters of their choosing for example
  • Personal Development plan for self
  • Counseling
  • Specific matters at work
  • Questions and Answers
  • Check understanding, values, benefits and changes.
  • 97% - where are you going?
Each participant will have a follow-up coaching call of 20-30 minutes to ensure success/change/enjoyment.

Programme Costs

Costs for the first two-day and follow-up one-day session, excluding materials, venue fees, travel and accommodation, £6700 *(£4,950 for two days, plus £1750 for the follow-up day).

Telephone calls not included, but are arranged by agreement, cost from £45 per call.

Cost of printed materials, books etc, as shown, £50 per head.

Cost for follow on coaching days, at £1,250 per day.

Travel to/from work sessions, 50p per mile.

Costs for up to 18 participants.

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